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Corrin Jessen

Corrin has been working with dogs professionally for a little over two years now. She started off working with our friends at a shelter called FAMD (Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit) hoping to gain experience with dogs. She grew up with cats and birds, but always had a soft spot for dogs. After growing accustomed to working at the shelter with dogs she realized how much she truly enjoyed just being around them. Having always been an animal person but never realizing just how awesome dogs really are until she started working with them! 


After working at FAMD for a year and a half she started working at a dog day care. This gave her the chance to experience dogs in a different environment while gaining exposure to a wide variety of breeds and temperaments. Between the daycare and the animal shelter she gained valuable experience working with dogs who both had homes and owners, and those at the shelter  who had no homes and were scared or had behavior challenges. 

In her free time she really enjoys just being out in nature. One of her favorite things to do is bird watch, which has been a passion of hers since a very young age. Eventually bird watching led her into bird keeping. She started keeping birds in her room and eventually she built an outdoor aviary where she keeps around twenty birds. The part she has grown to love the most is just observing her bird's everyday behavior. And if you watch closely, just like your puppy you can learn something new almost every day, just by watching them!

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