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Recommended Products

Welcome clients and guests. I realize that when it comes to finding the right products or supplies for your new puppy or even your adult dog there can be a lot of questions and confusion. I have compiled a small list of products that I not only recommend, but personally use and trust with my own pet. Don’t be alarmed by a certain color or size listing, if you click on one of the links below it will give you the ability to select the appropriate fit and style for your dog.

Harness with Leash:

Featuring a martingale loop on the back of the harness that tightens gently around your dog's chest to discourage pulling as well as a front loop for ultimate control. Perfect for all dogs: Great control, four points of adjust-ability and maximum comfort and safety make this harness perfect for puppies as well as adult and senior dogs of all breeds. It is also great for dogs with amputations, arthritis or other injuries.

Training Collar:

Safer and more comfortable than choke collars, martingale collars tighten when pressure is applied, reducing the risk of a dog "backing out" of its collar and escaping. This collar also features a quick snap buckle for easy on and off. This is a great collar for training.

Hands Free Lead:

Hamilton 5/8-inch double thick nylon European lead is the most popular leash in Europe due to its versatility. Available in a wide variety of vivid colors and also 1-inch, 3/4-inch or 3/8-inch widths if preferred. This lead can be attached a normal leash to two separate dogs, wrapped over your shoulder for a hands free experience, or attached as a regular leash for casual walking.

Dog Seat Belt Tether:

Keeps dog secure in one place with limited freedom of movement without straining them; prevents dog from jumping out of car; comfortable and safe tether is made for all sized dogs.

Dog Food and Treats:

VICTOR Ocean Fish Formula contains fish as the primary protein source. A great option if your dog has allergies to other protein sources. High levels of Omega-3 fatty acid combined with other ingredients supports nutrition for feeding dogs with normal activity levels. This formula contains the nutrients essential for supporting a healthy pet, specifically: vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein and amino acids. VICTOR Ocean Fish Formula is simply one of the best nutritional values on the market in the United States.

Dogs agree that Original Recipe Dog Treats, made with real liver, are delicious and perfect every day! Use them for training, a reward, and just to show how much you love them.

Puppy and Small Dog Treats:

Large Dog Treats:

Food and Water Bowls:

Fitted with a rubber ring on the bottom, the premium pet bowl stays in place while your pet eats—no more sliding across the floor or ending up on the other side of the room after dinner. In addition to keeping the bowl stationary, the slip resistant rubber base also helps protect bare and hardwood floors from damage.

For large dogs that are prone to bloat or any dog who eats too fast and gets sick I recommend this food bowl instead:

Behavior Correcting Tools:

The purpose of the Pet Corrector is to gain the dog’s attention at the instant they are exhibiting an unwanted behavior. When the Pet Corrector emits a hissing sound, the dog is distracted, and the owner can then insert a positive command and reward.

Pet Corrector should always be used responsibly, it should never be pointed directly into an animal’s face. It is not recommended for use with young puppies, noise sensitive or nervous dogs.

Grannicks bitter apple spray for dogs. Can be used to deter chewing, doesn't stain but must be reapplied every couple of days until behavior ceases.

Kennel and Potty Pads:

Ideal for both puppies and adult dogs, the AmazonBasics single-door folding metal crate offers exceptional convenience. Use the metal dog crate for anything from potty training or house training to reinforcing house rules and boundaries--or simply as a safe, secure place for your pooch to rest and relax.

Every pet parent and dog deserves a clean and fresh-smelling home. That's why Four Paws partnered with Febreze to create the ultimate odor-eliminating dog pads. We infused our wee-wee odor control pads with Febreze Freshness, which eliminates pet smells and provides a fresh spring scent.


Dogs and puppies are pack animals who are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. The Snuggle Puppy recreates intimacy with physical warmth and a 'real-feel' pulsing heartbeat, providing an extra source of comfort for your pet.

The KONG Extreme dog toy represents the most durable strength of KONG rubber. Designed for the toughest of chewers, the KONG Extreme offers enrichment and helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs. The KONG unique, ultra-durable, all-natural rubber formula is designed for determined chewers, while the erratic bounce fulfills a dog's need to play. Want to extend play time? Be sure to stuff with tempting bits of kibble and entice with a dash of peanut butter. Add to the fun by adding KONG Snacks and top with KONG Easy Treat. Stuff and Freeze for a longer-lasting challenge.

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